Sash Window Repair & Restoration Services for Kent

Mystole House, Chartham

We offer a range of services to restore your windows back to full working order. These include:

  • Hand made traditional sash windows
  • Complete refurbishment
  • Draught proofing
  • Replacement cords and pulleys
  • Glazing
  • Cill repair or replacement
  • Architectural hardware overhauled or replaced
  • Security enhancements - a wide range of specialist locks and catches ensures increased security

Following your initial enquiry a detailed inspection is carried out, to ascertain the work to be undertaken. This is without charge or obligation. A comprehensive report/quote will be provided, detailing the cost and work involved in restoring your windows.

The complete refurbishment service includes:

  • Releasing stuck sashes
  • Trimming sashes where necessary to a good fit ensuring that meeting rails are aligned
  • Supply and fitting full perimeter draught proofing system which includes the following:
    • Replacing existing staff and parting beads with 10 year brush pile beads
    • Fitting 10 year brush pile into the meeting rails
  • Servicing catches
  • Rebalancing the sashes
  • Replacing cords and pulleys both with 10 year life replacements

Sash Window Improvements

As well as full Repair & Restoration Services, we can upgrade existing or replacement windows:

Map of areas we provide Sash Window Services