Security with Original Timber Sash Windows

In a difficult economic climate, with crime is on the increase focus is firmly on security in our homes. It’s important to know that timber windows can be made safe and secure without compromising that original design and style. The following security products are strong reliable and designed specifically for timber windows.


The Rotating bolt system is very strong and secure, by not only preventing the movement of the sashes , but the rotation movement also prevents any cutting or hacking motion of the bolt system making it virtually impossible to break.

The Retraction sash bolt, originated on Georgian sash windows originally made using solid brass. This brilliant design is fitted into the sash stile and can be retracted into its housing to operate the sashes and revered to lock them secure

Sash Screws

This traditional screw is a traditional security product which has stood the test of time, common in many original sash windows and still a very popular security option. The hardened steel threaded screw with an ornate brass finger plate holds the sashes securely together keeping the sashes firmly secured even if the catch is removed.

Weekes Stop

The weeks stop is fitted into the pulley stile sections of the box frame and operates on a pivot motion preventing the sashes opening one it locked into position. It's discrete and very secure.

Toughened Glass

The glass industry has now developed a range of super secure glass products using in both commercial and residential applications. Thicknesses have been reduced without compromising strength or security.

Our micro slim sealed double glazed units now offer strength security as well as the insulation benefits that double glazing can bring to your original period windows. Micro slim sealed units can now be produced to fit into an original depth sash window keeping that total original look.

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